Terms and definitions:

1.Internet shop is Wonder-gallery.

2.User is an individual having full legal capacity using this site or its parts accepting terms of this offer agreement. 

3.Site is the website of the internet shop, www.wonder-gallery.com. Here the User can buy a willing item.

4. Site administration is a the administration of the internet shop www. wonder-gallery.com 

5. Agreement is this offer  agreement including all its terms.

6.Items are goods,service any other material or non-material objects that are mentioned on the website.

7.Order is a request from the User through the site and/or call to a hotline of the internet shop with the message to purchase item or items stated in the order.

8. Information about item is the info about possible conditions of items buying on the website.This includes the info about price,ways of payment and delivery,discounts and sales etc.

9.Parties are Internet shop and User.

1.Object and terms of the agreement

1.1.This agreement regulates the Users access to the information given on site and technical abilities of it. 

1.2.This agreement is a public offer. When User uses site info and instruments that automatically means that it accepts this agreement. User is obliged to read the terms of the agreement before registration on the website. Or it is possible to tick ✔️ the given rules.

1.3.Site is the platform for items and goods information.

1.4.Info about items on the website www.wonder-gallery.com can be updated, changed or added by the Administration at any time without prior notification

1.5. Accepting agreement conditions User confirms its legal capacity and enters into commitments when using the website and signing this agreement.

1.6. Information placement on site is not an offer. After User reads the information about items on site,it can make an offer to Internet shop with the technical capability of site. Placing an order on site is an offer for buying items on conditions stated in corresponding order.

1.7.Offer is accepted if the internet shop implements actions confirming the offer,namely: gives invoice for ordered items,starts providing service according to the offer terms or ships the items.

1.8.Internet shop has right to offer the goods disposal on other terms after getting the User’s offer.In this case it is a counter-offer and should be looked through by the User. Accepting a counter-offer also means  receiving items by User or any other person authorised by User on conditions stated in the counter-offer.

1.9. Internet shop has the right to withdraw a counter-offer until the items are received by User.

1.10.Coordination of all existing terms on sales agreement is confirmed by internet shop items shipment and also payment or receiving the items by User. 

1.11. Parties agree that sending any notifications about items,placing the order,delivery terms, price and payments,order status by the internet shop through emails,sms,telecommunications only inform User about getting offer by the internet shop.It can’t be evidence of acceptance by the Internet shop.

1.12. Items delivery is made by courier company “Nova Poshta” by self-delivery.

If there there is no office of the courier company in the User’s region,the User has the right to choose the closet region.Delivery is made by User’s expense. You can find the address of the courier company offices here: http://novaposhta.ua/uk/office.The Seller doesn’t make delivery to a temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine and zone of antiterrorist operation and also to any other regions where the courier company doesn’t make delivery of such items.

1.13. The moment of item receiving by User or any person authorised by User is signing of the document confirming the fact of receiving ordered item (consignment note,forwarding declaration, act of transfer and acceptance) or real receiving of items by User or authorised person and making actions confirming this fact.

The items are checked before shipment. When receiving items the User of authorised person are obliged to check items for damage and all the necessary documents (price check and act of transfer and acceptance).In case the damage occurs the User can claim the courier company. Internet shop doesn’t take responsibility for the courier company.

1.14.By accepting offer from the internet shop the User gives it consent to get info about items with the help of remote connection. Signature on documents confirming the receiving or getting items means that User or authorised person got all the necessary information about items before receiving them.

1.15. When the User returns items of good quality to the Seller they are returned with the help of courier company.

1.16.If the item bought in the internet shop is damaged,the User is obliged to inform the Internet shop about it as soon as possible by email:[email protected] or by the phone:+38(067)303-17-71.The recognition of consumer rights in case of damaged items is negotiated between Internet shop and User. 

2.Responsibility of the parties:

2.1.The parties are obliged not to take any actions violating Ukrainian legislation,international rules of law.The User is obliged not to take actions which can disrupt the normal functioning of the Website.

2.2. The User is obliged to notify Administration about unauthorised access to its personal page by the third party. Please inform us by email [email protected]

2.3. The User gives its consent to using and proceeding its personal data by the Internet shop according to the Ukrainian legislation and Confidential Policy.The text of it is here:https://wonder-gallery.com/shipping-payment. 

2.4.Accepting the terms of the User agreement the User also confirms that it agrees with the Privacy Policy and Agreement terms. 

2.5. Comments or any other User’s notes on site mustn’t contradict the requirements of the Ukrainian legislation and the generally accepted rules of morality.

2.6.Responsibility for money transfer made by User or its authorised representative is placed to those banks and payment systems which provide the User or its Representative its service.

2.7. The internet shop isn’t responsible for equipment capacity where the site is, availability of the site,the work of data channel and other technical equipment for the site access. 

2.8.The internet shop is not responsible for the actions of courier company including delivery terms and delivery safety.

2.9.Seller’s responsibility for the terms of items realisation is limited by the User’s right to refuse items purchasing and ask for the prepayment in case it was done.

2.10. The User is responsible for the order information accuracy.In case the inaccurate information in order leads to Internet shop additional expenses,connected with delivery to the wrong address or receiving items by the wrong person,all the loss and expenses are transferred to User.Internet shop has the right to withdraw sums of such expenses paid by User or authorised person as the item payment.

2.11. In its offer User is obliged to make an offer concerning all essential conditions of such agreements.

3.Other conditions:

3.1.Internet shop has the right to change the conditions of this agreement any time and unilaterally. Changes takes effect from the moment of their publishing on the website.

3.2. All possible disputes between parties of this agreement should be resolved according to Ukrainian legislation at the Website Owner’s place of registration.

3.3. If the court recognise invalid any part of this agreement,it doesn’t cancel the other parts of agreement and it doesn’t withdraw User’s responsibility concerning using of the website.

3.4.User agrees to the fact that after registration on the site,the Internet shop may sent to User’s email address letters or notes of advertising nature.The Internet shop is obliged not to give email address and any other confidential information about the User to the third party.The User has the right to refuse these newsletters asking the Internet shop in the written form.

3.5.Indicating its phone number the User automatically agrees to receive sms from the Internet shop including notes of advertising nature.The User has the right to refuse these sms asking the internet shop about it in a written form.

3.6.If the User places an order on the Website it freely gives its consent for collecting and proceeding (accumulation,storing,adaptation,resumption,using, distribution,destruction) indicated data,namely: name,surname, patronymic,email address,phone number with the aim of providing legal relations in selling and buying,consumer protection,in the sphere of advertising and marketing researches and also gives its consent for transferring its data to courier office, transport operators or any other third party (without restrictions) at the discretion of the Internet shop. This provision is valid during 5 years since the last order has been placed on the website.