This notice describes what personal data we collect,how we will use it and how we keep you data safe in our


1.1.Terms used in Privacy policy 

1.1.1 Internet shop site administration (further Administration)- employees who administrates website and use your personal data and determine the operations with your personal data. 

1.1.2. A User of internet shop (further User) is a person who uses website of the Internet shop.

1.1.3. Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer or mobile device by sites that you visit and then retransmitted to the same sites the next time you visit.

1.1.4.IP -address is a unique web address in the net built by IP protocol.

2. General terms:

2.1.If you use the site of Internet shop that means you give your consent to privacy policy. 

2.2 In case User is discordant,it should immediately stop using the site.

2.3.This privacy policy deals only with web site of Wonder Internet shop. Wonder doesn’t control and take responsibility for websites of the third party where the User can find links to be used. 

2.4.Administration is not responsible for accuracy of the User’s personal data.

3.Privacy Policy Subject

3.1.This Privacy Policy is committed to protecting your personal data which is provided on Administration request by registration on our website or by placing the order for items purchase 

3.2.Personal data is given by User when it fills in the registration form on the website and includes the following information:

3.2.1. Surname, name and patronymic of the User

3.2.2 User’s phone number

3.2.3 User’s email

3.2.4.Item delivery address

3.2.5.User’s place of living

3.2.6.User’s history purchase

3.3 Internet shop protects the data which automatically transfers in the process of add blocks watching and visiting website where statistics system script is installed (pixel) 

IP address 

Cookies info

Browser info 

Access time

Website with ad


3.3.1 essential cookies switch off can lead to impossibility of using necessary parts of website,e.g. where authorisation is needed.

3.3.2. Internet shop gathers Users’IP address statistics.This data is used for technical problems solving and controlling financial operations legitimacy. 

3.4. Any other User’s confidential information with limited access (not mentioned above) must be kept safely except for items 5.2 and 5.3 of this Privacy Policy 

3.5.Administration keeps any other confidential information if it is required by Ukrainian legislation. 

4.Personal data collection purpose

4.1.Personal data collection may be used for 

4.1.1. User’s identification for order placement or signing of sales contract with Wonder

4.1.2 User’s access to personalised resources of the Shop website.

4.1.3. User’s feedback maintaining including notification and request concerning the website using, service and referrals from User. 

4.1.4.User’s location determination for security providing and prevention of cheating. 

4.1.5.Creation of account if User gave its concern.

4.1.6. User’s notification about its Order status.

4.1.7.Payments proceedings,payment contesting

4.1.8.Providing User with effective clients and technical service in terms of internet shop using.

4.1.9.Providing User with information (with its consent) about updated products,special offers,prices and newsletters or any other information from the internet shop or the internet shop partners.

4.1.10.Providing User with access to websites or services of the internet shop partners with the aim of getting products,updates and service.

5.Ways and terms of personal data processing

5.1. User’s personal data processing is performed without time limit any legal way including informational system of personal data with using automatisation or without it. 

5.2.The User agrees to the fact that the site Administration can transfer personal data to the third party,such as courier service,mail service organisations,telecommunications operators only with the purpose of order implementation that was placed on the Wonder website,including the items delivery.

5.3. User’s personal data can be transferred to authorised bodies of Ukrainian government of authorities only according to the Ukrainian legislation. 

5.4.When the loss or disclosure occurs,the Administration informs the User about that.

6. Parties obligations

6.1.The User is required

6.1.1.Provide full and reliable information about personal data necessary for using internet shop website.

6.1.2.Update,add given info about personal data in case it changes.

6.2.Administration is required:

6.2.1.To use given information only for the purposes stated in item 4 of the policy.

6.2.2.To ensure the safety of personal data,not to disclose it without written permission of the User,and also do not sale,change or publish personal data,except items 5.2 and 5.3 of this Privacy Policy.

6.2.3.To take precautions for User’s personal data safety according to the order existing in business turnover.

6.2.4. To carry out block of personal data belonging to related user from the moment of require or request by User or its legal representative or authorised body on subject rights protection within the period of the verification,in case of irrelevant personal data or misconduct.

7.Responsibility of the parties

7.1.Site Administration which doesn’t perform its obligations is responsible for losses incurred by User in connection with irrelevant usage of personal data according to Ukrainian legislation,except cases in items 5.2,5.3 and 7.2 of this Private Policy. 

7.2.In case of loss or disclosure of the Confidential Information,Administration isn’t responsible if this information:

7.2.1 Became public before its lose or disclosure.

7.2.2 Was obtained from the third party before Administration got it.

7.2.3.Was disclosed with the User’s consent.

8.Settlement of disputes

8.1.Before the application to court with claims on the issue concerning relations between User and Administration the сlaim must be made (written proposal for amicable resolution)

8.2.Claim obtainer is obliged to inform claimant in written about the claim resolution results within 30 calendar days.

8.3.In case of a failure to reach an agreement the issue will be submitted to the court according to the Ukrainian legislation.

8.4.This Privacy Policy and relations between Administration and User are regulated by the Legislation of Ukraine. 

9.Additional terms:

9.1. Site Administration is able to amend this Privacy Policy without User’s concern.

Administration is obliged to inform User. 

9.2.The new Privacy Policy сomes into force from the moment of its publication on site,if other is not stipulated by new version  of Privacy Policy.

9.3.All questions and suggestions concerning this Privacy Policy should be discussed with Administration on the appropriate page of the website.

9.4.The Text of the Privacy Policy is available in the corresponding part of the website